The desire to discover, the urge to move,
the desire to capture


"... And dream of painting music"
(M. B. Coppi)


"The love survives us,
art makes us immortal "(W. Goethe)

sc3 copia

"Fly with me in reaching out night
to an endless sky "(M. B. Coppi)

Live is to fight, cry and rejoice, knowing how to appreciate the little things and love; in short, be aware of this meat walk and spirit, of misery and sublime, of relativity and eternal, in the smallness and in the infinite immensity. (Maria Beatrice Coppi)


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Maria Beatrice Coppi, born in Modena, but grew up and lived in Rome for many years lived and worked in Florence.
In his paintings there is a lot of passion. A passion that involves, that flows from the lines and colors that seems to easily find a path between the artist’s intention and feeling of who is in contact with the painting.









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“They are paintings and sculptures. Have horses and centaurs, are figures of myth, armed heroes, women in bloom. Ignitions are expressionistic and evocations of classical harmonies. Are abstract sculptures as Cycladic idols. The world of forms, the archetypes of art history, revolve around the heart of Mary Beatrice as a planetarium. She is fascinated and his fascination makes us participate. “(Antonio Paolucci)

Antonio Paolucci is an Italian art historian, director of the Vatican Museums. He was Minister for Cultural and Environmental Heritage and Superintendent of the State Museums of Florence.

“Maria Beatrice Coppi, writer and painter, whose work, founded on spiritual symbiosis, WEAPONS OF CRAFT cross happily with PROFESSION OF ARMS, taken as a theme-archetype fodamentali”.

(Vittorio Vettori was a poet, writer, literary critic and founder of the Literary Prize Casentino.)

  • Prof.ssa Fenenna Bartolomei art critic “La Nazione”
  • Prof. G. Gentile, Brera Accademy – Milan
  • Prof. Lino Rossi, art critic “Il Giorno”
  • Prof. Danilo Bisogni, art critic Grosseto
  • Dr. Giorgio Bronzetti, art critic Grosseto
  • Prof. Ferruccio Veronesi, art critic “Il Resto del Carlino” Modena
  • Prof. Mario Portalupi, art critic Milano
  • Prof. Sergio Denti, manager “Galleria d’Italia” Florence
  • Dr. Giorgio Falossi, manager “Il Quadrato”  Milan
  • Dr. Ingolia, editor in chief “Il Comanducci” Milan
  • Dr. Lorenzotti, art critic of Pisa
  • Dr. Luigi Russo, director award “Città Eterna” Rome
  • Prof. Vincenzo Vettori, author e Manager Accademia Mircea Eliade of Florence
  • Prof. Salvatore Cipolla, sculptore and artistic director
  • Dr. Giovanni Faccenda, artistic director “Galleria Comunale di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea” of Arezzo
  • Prof. Pierfrancesco Listri, juornalist
  • Prof. Fabrizio Borghini, juornalist and television director


1969 Collective exhibit “Mostra Artigiana” – Massa Marittima
1971 Solo art exhibition Gallery “Il Grifo” – Grosseto
1972 20° Prize “Il Maggio Romano” – Rome
1973 Gold medal “Il Maggio Romano” – Rome
1974 Solo art exhibition Gallery “La Conchiglia” – Follonica
1974 Collective exhibit “Palazzo Granducale” – Follonica
1975 Solo art exhibition Gallery “La Guiglia” – Follonica
1976 Solo art exhibition Palazzo “L’Obelisco” – Follonica
1977 Award “Numana Ars” – Rome
1977 Award “Città Eterna” – Rome
1978 Solo art exhibition Gallery “La Rocca” Castello Boncompagni Ludovisi – Vignola
1979 Solo art exhibition Galleria “Scabris” – Scarlino
1980 First Prize “La Triade” – Milan
1981 Solo art exhibition Gallery “Le Firme” – Milan
1981 Solo art exhibition Gallery “Daniele da Volterra” – Volterra
1982 Solo art exhibition Gallery “L’Acquario” – Mantova
1982 First Prize  “Trofeo Pontedera” – Pontedera
1983 Solo art exhibition Gallery “Il Torchio” – Bologna

1984 Solo art exhibition Gallery “Canfora” – Milan

1985 Guest  “Festival dei due mondi” – Spoleto

1986 Group exhibition”Expo Arte Tirrenia” – Tirrenia

1987 Solo art exhibition “Hotel Hilton” – New York

1988 Solo art exhibition Club Militare di Caracas

1990 Prize “Frazzini” – Malta
1991 Solo art exhibition  “La Coruna” – Galizia
1991 Personale a Vigo – Galicia
1991 Solo art exhibition  Santiago di Compostela – Galicia
2000 Golden Prize “Pax Mundi” – Pisa
2001 Group exhibition sculpture “Mostra di Natale” – Prato
2002 Participation “Biennale di Ceramica” – Cerreto Sannita
2003 Solo art exhibition of  sculpture  “Museo Archeologico” – Arezzo
2005 Solo art exhibition painting and sculpture Galleria Comunale di Arte moderna e contemporanea di Arezzo sala di Sant’Ignazio
2007 Group exhibition”Archivio di Stato” – Florence
2008 Solo art exhibition “Atelier d’Arte Coppi” – Florence
2009 Solo art exhibitionSpazio Culturale “Madonna del Corso” Maranello

2017 Personal art exhibition “Academy of Arts and Design” – Florence

2017 Tuscany Culture “Art Women in Tuscany” – Florence

2017 Shows artistic MABIC Public Library -Maranello

2017 Triennial of Rome – Rome

2017 Art Padova 2017 ” Modern Art Exhibition – Padova  

2017 Biennal Art Venice – Venice

2017 Awarded Academic Honor – Academy of Art and Design – Florentine artistic center – Florance