Artist of refined sensibility and culture – comes from classical studies which integrated with the artistic ones – has a great artistic charge that has allowed for long years Ides intense research, to appropriate various expressive techniques, from painting, which is both a brush a spatula, to ceramics and sculpture, to arrive the fresco that enhances through careful sensitivity to light and high poetic tension.

Keen observer of nature, it draws creative inspiration and vital energy that allow it to infuse his paintings vibration, life, heat emerging from his soul, to transfer, in particular, in the landscape, but also the human figure comes with great skill.

He has exhibited in major cities, both in Italy and abroad, always receiving wide public and critical acclaim, receiving awards and fields riconoscimenti.Sue works are in collections both public and private. Newspapers and magazines were interested in his works.
And ‘inserted in Comanducci, The Square, Praxis, Eco d’Arte Moderna, Pegasus and so on.


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1980 Milan. Maria Beatrice Coppi receives from the Minister ANIASA, the “Triade Award”


1990 Malta. The Prime Minister and the Marquis Scicluna deliver to Maria Beatrice Coppi Award “Fazzini”